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Henry Garrett

Henry Garrett, PhD.

Dr. Garrett has a wide variety of experience and over 120 publications in the space environment and its effects with specific emphasis in the areas of atmospheric physics, low earth ionosphere, radiation, micrometeoroids, space plasma environments, and effects on materials and systems in space.  Dr. Garrett is an international consultant on the terrestrial and interplanetary space environments and spacecraft reliability having worked for INTELSAT, L’Garde, NASDA, CNES, and other organizations and is an Associate Fellow of the AIAA.  Until 2002, he also served as a colonel in the USAF Reserves, assigned as the Senior Reserve Officer for the AF Space and Missile Center for which he received the AF’s Legion of Merit Medal in 2002.  In 2006, Dr. Garrett received NASA’s Exceptional Service Medal for “his achievements in advancing the understanding of space environments and effects.”

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